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Our company, which has completed its 34th year in 2021, provides auto expertise dealerships under the brands COMPUTEST and DYNOTÜRK, and also provides sales, service and calibration services for Auto appraisal devices and vehicle inspection devices and all automobile service equipment to its customers.

We operate across Turkey with our headquarters in Ankara, our branch in Istanbul and our Show Room, with our 27 employees.

We work as Turkey authorized distributor of companies such as Corhgi, Dimsport, Capelec, Technomotor, Spanesi and Ecotechnics.

We have established more than 550 auto appraisal stations, 87 of which are corporate dealers of our company, which gives dealership with COMPUTEST and DYNOTÜRK registered brands.

In addition, our company is the representative of leading companies such as Karl Deutsch in test and measurement devices, and offers the sales and service of ultrasonic and magnetic crack detectors and paint thickness measuring devices of these companies.

In our Ankara and Istanbul offices, we have a training hall with a capacity of 25 people to be used in the trainings to be given to our customers, showrooms where we perform the promotion and practical use of our devices, and service laboratories for the repair of especially small-sized devices and card repairs.

In 2014, we opened a special showroom in our Istanbul Maslak branch, where we exhibit only Spanesi Chassis benches.

Our company has ISO 9001, CE, Turkak, TSE Service Qualification, TS12875, TSE12578, OHSAS 18001, TS ISO 11614, TS ISO 3930 and National type approval certificates.

There are an average of 12 personnel in each of the sales and service staff of our company, and we provide service with approximately 27 personnel in the equipment group. All of our staff visit our customers on-site and listen to their problems, try to find immediate solutions to the problem or report these problems to our head office. In the data banks on our computers, the devices sold to all our customers and the serial numbers of these devices, the warranty periods, the service and calibration dates and the records of all the services offered are kept.

A guarantee certificate has been obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for all of the devices that our company sells and services for, and all of our devices are on the approval list of companies such as TOFAŞ, OPEL, TOYOTA, HONDA, HYUNDAI, FORD and NISSAN. As a result of the statistics, it is seen that our company ranks first in the relevant market in terms of after-sales services and has an average of 70% market share in the sales of service equipment throughout Turkey.

Engine test, air conditioning gas filling and presetting devices of Toyota-Sa dealers; Engine test equipment of Ford Otosan dealers; Air conditioning gas filling devices of Fiat dealers; New type air conditioner gas filling devices of Peugeot and Renault dealers, 81 exhaust emission measurement devices of the Ministry of Environment, 87 brake test devices of the Gendarmerie General Command, 87 exhaust emission measurement devices and 87 headlight adjustment devices were supplied by our company.

In addition to these, we have established more than 550 Auto Expertise stations and more than 300 vehicle inspection preparation stations used in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles.